Compliance CEO to Speak on Data Driven Decisions

Analytics, Metrics and Reporting Help Drive Savings for Cost-Conscience Legal Departments and Law Firms


Contract Review Has Become a Lot More Important During COVID-19, Here’s What to Do About It

Add contract review to the many things that have become increased challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As this essay from The Stanford Law Review indicates, the pandemic has “prevented countless people, babysitters to basketball players, from fulfilling their contracts”.  Imagine the challenge that creates when 60-80% of business transactions are governed by written contractual agreements […]


ISO 27001:2013/17: The Best Defense Against Increased Cyberattacks

ISO 27001:2013/17: The Best Defense Against Increased Cyberattacks A few weeks ago, we discussed some COVID-19 related cybersecurity statistics that illustrate the extent of the increased concern regarding cybersecurity and cyberattacks associated with COVID-19 and remote work. Some of those stats were downright mind-blowing, like global ransomware reports increasing more than seven-fold from 2019 for […]

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