Discover True Expertise

Along with decades of experience comes expertise – and lots of it. We have served clients ranging from large corporations and law firms, to federal and local government, small businesses, and boutique legal service providers. We have managed countless cases across various industries and built a deep understanding of our clients’ specific challenges and goals.

While subject matter ranges from intellectual property protection to securities litigation, one thing remains consistent: we help clients achieve their desired outcomes all across the United States. No matter the case, we find the right team of qualified, experienced legal professionals to help our clients win. From eDiscovery to contract attorneys, Compliance has you covered.

Industry Expertise

Over the years, we’ve built deep expertise within multiple industries such as financial services, pharmaceutical, aerospace and defense, telecommunications, and energy – just to name a few. We serve corporations and law firms, both big and small, and approach every client, every matter, with the same dedication and attention. 

Our Leadership

Meet the leadership team behind Compliance that shapes our vision each and every day 

Case Studies

Discover the many ways Compliance has helped clients through improved efficiency and overall provided best-in-class service. 

News & Insights

To learn more about what’s happening with Compliance and how we’re interacting with our peers through thought leadership, partnerships, sponsorships, and publications, read our latest news & insights. You’ll find out more about events we attend, exciting new partnerships, podcasts, and more. 

Law Firms & Legal Service Providers

Today’s law firm, whether listed on the AmLaw 200 or considered boutique, faces a myriad of challenges that could, without the right team and partnerships in place, complicate and distract from the practice of law. Discover Compliance and how we can become an extension of your firm, whether for a single matter or as your long-term services partner.   

Companies & Corporate Legal Departments

As in-house legal teams are tasked with doing more with less, and the technology used for eDiscovery and information governance evolves at a blinding pace, companies these days rely more on alternative legal service providers like Compliance to assist with the tasks and technology related to eDiscovery. 

Mergers & Acquisitions - Second Requests and Antitrust

For over two decades, Compliance has provided companies and their outside counsel with the specialized expertise required to navigate the waters of Second Request and Antitrust investigations, utilize both technology and manpower, and the unique workflows for this arena.