Automotive Industry – eDiscovery Management with DaaS

A large American automotive manufacturer was seeing an increase in recalls, CPSC investigations, and litigation, which resulted in much higher than normal litigation costs. While they had traditionally relied on outside counsel for hosting and review, they realized that taking control of the data and review would greatly reduce costs, so they turned to Compliance for help.

This client had cases moving quickly and others on the horizon, so we engaged technical and account management teams to gather on brainstorming calls with the client and outside counselWe often work with a backwards approach – first, define the end goal, and then create a workflow that will get you there as efficiently and defensibly as possible, taking into account risks and issues for each case. We took this same approach when building out their DaaS environment. 

Their internal team runs lean, so while they wanted the option to be able to do some direct loading and small case matter management internally, they knew they could not support comprehensive eDiscovery management. They also knew that a small/simple in-house platform would not work because cases often grow beyond the expected scope.   

Some of their other requirements: 

  • Cost savings and cost avoidance; 
  • database that was within their control and allowed for data reuse;
  • The ability to “bill back” usage easily to each business unit; 
  • A tool that was well-known to outside counsel for limited training and ramp-up time; 
  • An experienced team able to assist, train, and consult as needed; 
  • Metrics: easily accessible reporting and information on data, user, and case usage; and 
  • The option to continue to control more of their environment over time, so as to be less reliant not only on outside counsel, but on Compliance. 

Enter DaaS. 

We created a DaaS environment that included Relativity processing and hosting, with an option for the Compliance team to handle large case processing in our Nuix environment and then load to their Relativity environment. We included Brainspace Analytics as needed, and set up a plan for Compliance to provide rigorous support to begin, with training on demand and as needed, until such time as the client could handle basic workflow tasks on their own. Training included one-on-one, in-person, and groupThe client was able to ping our team for immediate help via CI Support and then we could hop on WebEx or Zoom to watch their process and direct as needed. 

The client loaded their data, created users, did some processing, and gave access to outside counsel as needed. When their team needed help, we jumped in as quickly as possible. 

In addition, we developed a standard playbook for our work with them as well as a playbook for outside counsel. These playbooks outlined the client’s general preferences, standard specs, and all of the Compliance proprietary customizations and integrations in Relativity for a speedier review. The account manager jumped in and helped guide outside counsel on the tools now at their disposal for a true partnership on all fronts. Finding synergy and getting everyone rowing in the same direction was imperative in getting a good outcome for not only the client, but all involved.   

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