Business Services Industry – White Collar Crime and RICO

A senior executive at a large, privately held organization was accused of fraudulent transactions, embezzlement in the millions, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and tax law violationsThis executive had approval to make those transactions, and Compliance was engaged to help the defense. The FBI had raided the executive’s home and taken all computers and devices, collected and reviewed the data, and then sent us close to 1 TB of data that would be relied upon at trialWe loaded this data into Relativity and kicked off training with a strong focus on Fact Manager, since the legal team needed to be able to keep track of the accusationsWe then worked with our corporate client and the executive team to engage in our own collections to support the defense. Our goal was to ensure we had all data taken and reviewed by the DOJwithout doubling the client’s hosting costs for data already received. Our client advisory team was able to take just the text and metadata, which was a fraction of the data size, and do a near-dupe comparison in BrainspaceSince we had no idea what MD5 Hash value the DOJ had used, this allowed us to identify any documents that were not provided by the DOJ. When those unique documents were identified in Brainspace, the Compliance team promoted the natives for easier review and use in the defenseIn addition, our Brainspace integration with Relativity allowed the teams to use other analytics, like communication analysis and concept searching, to narrow in on people and timelines. When specific data sets were found, they could then move to Relativity and review for a more focused approach. When it was all said and done, the team was able to find many unique documents, which proved successful in the defense of this executive. 

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