Second Request – Relativity and Brainspace

Compliance was engaged on a DOJ Second Request involving two waste disposal companies in a $5 billion deal. We were awarded data processing/hosting as well as review for both parties. RelativityOne and our on-premise instance of Relativity were leveraged to run the data side, with an around-the-clock effort by our project management teams and a review that spanned across 3 cities. Compliance received and processed more than 20 Terabytes of data across both databases, ultimately hosting 25 million documents and producing more than 10 million. We ran Predictive Coding/Technology-Assisted Review workflows, as approved by the DOJ, through Brainspace for both clients and secured 300 contract attorneys to review the remaining data for privilege and issues. In what Compliance believes to be an industry first, the DOJ approved our unique email threading workflow, which we then utilized to only produce the most inclusive emails. Several innovations from the App Store, like CI Priv and Blackout were utilized to assist with redaction and the privilege log. Ultimately, we met our substantial compliance deadlines, making this endeavor a huge success for our clients.

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