Business Services

Compliance has a rich history of working with a multitude of entities on diverse litigation, investigation, and general business issues. Regardless of matter type or size, Compliance’s versatile team of consultants can assist from a consulting, data, and eDiscovery perspective. Our GRC group has assisted numerous corporations with IG policies and advised on appropriate technologies to automate governance enforcement, monitor for compliance, and reduce risk. Whether it is an individual investigation or programmatic enterprise initiative, we offer scalable solutions designed to enhance business confidence. Investigations and disputes are sometimes unavoidable, but our team of agile experts can assist with fraud and forensic investigations, data breach and negotiations services, tax and advisory, real estate, construction, white collar and criminal accusations, employment, trade secret, M&A transactions, HSR, anti-trust, employment, and any complex business dispute issue.  

Sample Experience

  • White collar criminal investigations 
  • FCPA investigation related to litigation and internal investigation 
  • Class action employment litigation defense 
  • Implementation and enforcement of new email retention policies 
  • $2 billion breach of contract dispute 
  • Data breach response and notification to compromised individuals and entities 
  • Domestic tax dispute on gross receipts 
  • Shareholder disputes 
  • Copyright and IP litigation 
  • Partnership and business dissolution 
  • Government investigation into antitrust violations 

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