Retail & Consumer Products

Compliance has a dedicated team to address a full range of discovery needs for our retail and consumer products clients. Like many industries, technology is changing the way we conduct business, and it is apparent in the consumer environment. With consumer expectations driving innovation, we are seeing a convergence with industries like entertainment, AI, AR, biometric law, blockchain, and fintech, and it is reshaping the retail landscape. Our team works closely with companies and their counsel to customize discovery strategies to address the challenges of regulation, compliance, cybersecurity, mergers, privacy issues, and sometimes litigation. Whether big box retailers, smaller focus concept stores, online marketing, consumer staples, food and beverage, social media, ecommerce, or sports and entertainment, Compliance has worked seamlessly and proactively to provide the most cutting-edge technology and workflows when needed.

Sample Experience

  • Libel and First Amendment litigation
  • Online copyright protection and infringement
  • Bankruptcy of print media conglomerates
  • Beverage mergers and FTC-related inquiries
  • Licensing disputes for distributed media content
  • Gaming licensure and fraud investigation
  • Class action disputes from consumer product litigation
  • Wage and hour litigation for big box retailers
  • Anti-competitive sales practices 

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