Today’s law firm, whether listed on the AmLaw 200 or considered boutique, faces a myriad of challenges that could, without the right team and partnerships in place, complicate and distract from the practice of law. Additionally, certain aspects of legal practice, such as information governance or eDiscovery, can be quite overwhelming or confusing. While some firms have adequate internal resources to assist with these functions, many either don’t want to or don’t have the means to do it all. Additionally, many firms no longer want the burden, upkeep, manpower, or security risk that goes with maintaining their own datacenter for client data and eDiscovery. Discover Compliance and how we can become an extension of your firm, whether for a single matter or as your long-term business partner.

PayGo DaaS:

For firms that want a more transactional approach to eDiscovery, or don’t want to commit to a subscription but still want the features and functionality of an integrated platform with best-in-class technology, PayGo DaaS is the platform for you. This platform offers clients a flat fee per case transparent model that provides all technology services—from processing through production—that any case would need.  With flat rates for the smallest cases starting lower than most providers charge just to host data, PayGo DaaS is the solution for you and your clients!

Subscription DaaS:

When a fixed budget is important and unlimited throughput and utilization are top of mind, a full Subscription DaaS agreement may be right for your firm. This economical approach to eDiscovery provides full administrative functionality across Relativity, RelativityOne, or Nuix Discover, top-notch security and intuitive workflows, plus access to the Compliance AppHQ! For a flat monthly fee, you get the features and functionality that mimic what you would provide clients if you had your own technology instance and infrastructure.

Managed Review:

Law firms typically play a pivotal role in document review oversight and substantive legal advice to review teams and their clients. Compliance's Managed Review, providing on-site or remote options for contract attorneys to work on client matters, helps law firms free up associates and other legal professionals to focus on the work they do best. Compliance seamlessly integrates the technical, functional, and personnel aspects of managed review into a start-to-finish solution and helps your client reduce their spend on costly review.

Consulting and Project Management:

At Compliance, we partner with you and your in-house team to deliver complementary cost-effective and defensible eDiscovery strategies for your firm and clients. Our approach to every project utilizes talented and tenured review managers, technical engineers, eDiscovery project managers, and TAR consultants, along with the use of leading industry software and  well-established workflows that empower us to collaborate with you to effectively and efficiently execute eDiscovery. Ultimately, Compliance helps your firm establish best practices to help you achieve better outcomes for your clients, no matter the size or scope of your eDiscovery project.