Compliance Launches Discovery-as-a-Service to Capitalize on Demand for Greater eDiscovery Control and Flexibility

Compliance, an integrated eDiscovery and managed review provider, announces the official launch of its cloud-based managed services offering, Discovery-as-a-Service by Compliance. The new approach provides unlimited access to a wide range of eDiscovery tools and technologies for a low monthly user cost.

Discovery-as-a-Service (DaaS) gives law firms and corporate legal clients real-time access to cutting-edge technology for processing, hosting, production, and analytics, backed by a proprietary interface, client management portal, seamless workflow, intuitive dashboards, and dedicated support. Additional benefits include:

  • Hosted cloud-based technology, including Nuix and kCura’s Relativity, in the most secure data centers delivering unmatched architecture and redundancy
  • Continuous upgrades and customizations without the need for expensive infrastructure, development and software
  • A set and predictable monthly fee for better forecasting and lower eDiscovery costs—as much as 90% less than case-by-case pricing
  • Unlimited throughput and utilization—truly the end of the “per GB” era
  • Scalability and speed to adjust resources to project demands
  • Full client control for case and user management, from inception through completion, processing through production, and desktop to delivery
  • Compliance’s Technology and Project Management teams at the ready, 24/7/365

Discovery-as-a-Service complements Compliance’s integrated suite of eDiscovery technology data solutions, contract legal staffing and national footprint of document review space. Now law firms, corporate legal departments, and business leaders have even more choices on how to integrate and utilize external resources for complex, large-scale eDiscovery needs and managed review. 

“Our clients want greater control over their eDiscovery process, state-of-the-art data protection, and lower document review costs,” said Bryan Bellack, President of Compliance. “While we continue as one of the few providers offering true end-to-end discovery solutions on a per matter basis, our managed services model represents a bold new way for our clients to secure and control their data while reducing the expenses associated with ongoing eDiscovery.”

Compliance’s Consulting Advisory Group will be on hand to discuss and present Discovery-as-a-Service at LegalTech® New York 2016 from February 2-4, 2016. To schedule a one-on-one demonstration, please contact:


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