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Case Study

Internal Compliance Audit

A major US-based pharmaceutical client implemented a program of internal compliance controls that include random employee email selection and audits,…
Case Study

Second Request/Managed Review

More than 500,000 documents required review within a six-week timeframe to comply with an energy industry FTC Second Request. More…
Case Study

DOJ Second Request

Two waste disposal companies were engaged in a $5 billion deal involving a DOJ Second Request, encompassing more than 20…

Why Choose DaaS?

Compliance’s DaaS approach offers greater flexibility, scalability, consistency, and cost control.
Case Study

Multilingual Review: Financial Fraud

A large global review related to financial fraud litigation involved many documents originating in Europe, where strict privacy laws require…

Article: Better SAPHE Than Sorry: Data Security in Document Productions

The Ethical Obligations for Ensuring Client Data is Safe: Data Vulnerabilities, Data Protection and Secure Access Production Hosting Environments (SAPHE”…
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