The Convergence of Contract Analytics and eDiscovery

Compliance is a leader in deploying custom analytics and artificial intelligence tools to automate processes that cull data volumes, reduce budget requirements, and create transparency for legal, compliance, risk, procurement, and business stakeholders.

Compliance has a deep understanding of eDiscovery and contract analytics and is an expert at extracting hidden, obscure, and complex contractual data and identifying a wide range of data driven and risk-related issues.  Through a complex contractual analysis for regulatory, risk and compliance purposes, Compliance can quickly provide analysis on a document pool that would take manual reviewers weeks to complete.

Contract analytics solutions are ideal for companies that are faced with volumes of contracts requiring analysis for a variety of purposes including M&A activity, regulatory issues, tax benefits, legal analysis, data breach management, or possibly for initiating a comprehensive Contract Lifecycle Management system.

Compliance is experienced with the challenges faced by organizations:

  • Volumes of contracts and tight deadlines to review them to find specific content and clauses.
  • Lack of efficient and standardized processes for logging and managing contracts.
  • Disparate contract repositories, document file types, and naming conventions.
  • Lack of transparency into contract portfolios resulting in clouded insight into inherent risks, obligations, and commercial arrangements.

Compliance is combining the best of artificial intelligence for contracts with our deep understanding of eDiscovery, litigation, and investigations.  We are at the forefront of the convergence of eDiscovery and contract analytics.

Through the design and implementation of custom contract analytics, Compliance offers an unparalleled level of insight and automation into a wide variety of eDiscovery and contract analytics issues.

Using analytics to develop more efficient and cost-effective workflows, we can increase the accuracy of the information extracted from each contract and provide more visibility into critical contractual information.

Contract analytics and review is ideal for a wide range of use cases including:

  • M&A due diligence, post-merger integration and divestitures
  • Data security and privacy (GDPR/CCPA)
  • Financial and regulatory such as LIBOR transition and QFC
  • Procurement Contract Review
  • System Data Entry Automation
  • Contract Portfolio Risk Analysis
  • Commercial Term Extraction
  • Contract Portfolio Repository Migrations
  • 2nd request investigations
  • Data breach

Our comprehensive knowledge of business, legal, compliance, and regulatory needs associated with contractual data can be applied to streamline your organization’s contracts portfolio and be leveraged to mitigate risks and prevent future exposure.

Discover more about our solutions for contract review and lifecycle management or contact Compliance today and discover the advantages of what we offer for comprehensive eDiscovery technologies and expertise.

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