Ensure a Precise, Timely, and Cost-Effective Review

Since 1997, Compliance has been a recognized leader in eDiscovery and managed review.  Leveraging the processes and methodologies developed for document review, combined with our expertise in contract analytics, Compliance offers a comprehensive solution for contract analytics, review, and lifecycle management.

Contract Review and Document Review – One in the Same?

Contract analytics and review are an extension of the EDRM and like predictive coding or technology-assisted review in eDiscovery, deploying analytics against your contract portfolio will accelerate the processing of documents and allow you to extract critical information prior to performing the necessary contract analysis and review.  We ensure a precise, timely, and cost-effective review by employing a team of trained analysts to validate the AI model and the output of the analytics.

Our contract analytics team utilizes analytics to reduce the volume of non-relevant data and contracts that require review similar to the use of early case assessment tools in eDiscovery. Every contract or document that does not need to be reviewed is a huge cost savings to an organization.

Compliance is an expert in document review with over 20 years’ experience. By leveraging that expert experience and using best of breed tools like DocuSign and Relativity, we offer a focused and tailored approach to contract review.  Compliance has developed proprietary workflows and technology customizations that integrate with review tools and increase the pace and precision of review. 

Clients have access to our state-of-the-art document review facilities or through a remote review option, distributed review, and we can perform multilingual reviews and translations for specialized matters and regulatory inquiries.

Discover more about our full suite of contract analytics and lifecycle management solutions, or learn more about how we solve eDiscovery and managed review needs.

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