Forensics & Collections

Compliance understands that preservation, data integrity, and defensible chain of custody play a central role in the forensic collection and analysis of electronically stored data. Our team of experts employ a best practices, battle tested, and industry accepted approach to identifying data through custodial interviews, ensuring proper preservation of data to avoid spoliation, and rigid procedures to preserve forensically sound copies of storage and media.

We are experienced in all areas of forensics and have dealt with extremely complex and sensitive cases across the globe. Digital forensic readiness for successful litigation is maximized using industry standard tools, such as EnCase, FTK, and X1, along with Cellebrite for mobile devices. Our experts can perform on-site or remote collections and are adept at collecting from office suites, such as Office 365 or GSuite, and new modes of communication, such as Slack and other messaging applications. In some instances, we can ingest raw data from remote forensic collections directly into your Relativity, RelativityOne, or Nuix Discover workspace.

Discover Forensics & Investigations Expertise

Our Digital Forensics & Investigations experts gained their experience from organizations such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Homeland Security, and the U.S. Army Intelligence. Areas of expertise include:

  • On-site collection from desktops, laptops, servers, shares, and cloud accounts
  • Remote collection of data using end-point indexing agents or forensic collection kits
  • Forensic analysis of devices to find hidden, deleted, or slack space evidence not otherwise accessible
  • Mobile, tablet, and smart device collection including data from apps and other third-party integrations
  • Operating systems for Mac, PC, and open source such as Linux
  • Forensic analysis of devices to uncover Insider Threats and potential stolen data (pricing models, client/contact lists, email, etc)
  • Forensic analysis of devices to identify Intellectual Property Theft
  • Departing employee investigations – what was the employee doing the last few months of employment? Did they take data which could hinder your ability to stay competitive in the market?
  • Financial loss investigations – uncovering hidden assets or monetary sources
  • Forensically-sound processes and procedures ensure your litigation readiness

Case & Data Assessment

Early Case Assessment (ECA) is the examination of evidence thought to be relevant in a matter, in order to assess not only the accuracy of the data’s relevance and the scope of preservation/collection, but also risks and benefits that may not readily be apparent. Early examination of ESI is a dynamic process with many types of workflows to identify greater efficiencies and significant cost savings before the first document is ever reviewed or coded.

We endeavor to work closely with your legal team to identify the most economically-defensible workflow to ensure the most targeted and relevant collection of evidence up to ensuring that the review is the most streamlined on the fewest documents possible.

Discover Greater Value and Savings

Using a truly collaborative approach at the onset of your case, Compliance can deliver greater value and cost savings with ECA. We help your team:

  • Account for the accuracy of your document collection
  • Target what is known or even unknown about the data universe
  • Apply what is learned about the documents to cull data to its smallest defensible review set

Discover Maximum Efficiency

At Compliance, our goal is to fully understand the scope and scale of the data landscape in advance of review to leverage every advantage of reducing your data set. For ECA, our assessment areas include:

  • Multi-phase analysis of the full document universe
  • Keyword, custodian, and concept testing
  • Timeline analysis
  • Domain reporting, communication, and social network exploration
  • Pre-review data categorization and prioritization
  • Application of analytics at collection, processing, investigation, and review as part of the ECA process

Discover Exceptional Technology

To offer better ECA, Compliance has expanded its partnership with multiple tools, including X1, various Analytics tools such as Brainspace, NexLP, and Matter Analytics, as well as Relativity, RelativityOne, and Nuix Discover- all of which offer exceptional technology and multi-dimensional insight into your data.

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