EDRM Lifecycle Management

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) offers a framework from which Compliance’s Legal Consultants adapt solutions that best suit your goals. We leverage tested process, unique workflows, and industry-leading tools to achieve the greatest efficiencies.

Every client is unique and presents different challenges when it comes to desired outcomes. Compliance’s Legal Consultants recognize this uniqueness and leverage customized methodologies, along with continuous reassessment throughout the EDRM lifecycle, to ensure each client’s individual goals are met at every stage in the process. Whether seeking to improve on data retention strategies or reassess how to better leverage analytics during the collection phase of a matter, discover how we can help you with your goals.

Project Management

At Compliance, we deliver cost-effective and defensible eDiscovery strategies for legal teams. Our approach to every project utilizes talented and tenured review managers, technical engineers, eDiscovery project managers, and TAR consultants, along with the use of leading industry software and well-established workflows that empower us to collaborate with you to effectively and efficiently execute eDiscovery.

Compliance helps establish best practices to help you achieve better outcomes throughout the eDiscovery process, no matter the size or scope of your project.

We do this by:

Understanding you and your stakeholders’ needs and goals

Developing entrepreneurial, team-oriented, innovative, and personalized action plans that achieve these goals

Providing open communication in a true partnership manner

Delivering industry-leading service, metrics, and reporting

Review Project Management

Compliance’s seasoned project managers represent the best the industry has to offer, with collective expertise gained from having staffed, staged, and managed thousands of document reviews. Our project managers support clients in all facets of the review and production process, including privilege review, quality control, and tracking and reporting. Some key project manager responsibilities include:

  • Design and implement workflows
  • Control overall production site logistics
  • Manage the first pass, second level, and specialized review processes
  • Oversee and coordinate QC/QA, privilege logs, Q&A logs, and names lists
  • Produce budgets, reports, metrics, and review tracking
  • Implement and analyze advanced analytics and Technology Assisted Review protocols based on best practices and professional expertise
  • Provide supplementary training on review platforms throughout the project
  • Validate productions

eDiscovery Project Management

eDiscovery, and the unique challenges it presents, can be overwhelming for even the most experienced legal professionals. Compliance’s decades of experience in all facets of eDiscovery technology offers clients a well-tuned, repeatable set of workflows and procedures to establish best practices that are logical, repeatable and defensible.

The eDiscovery Project Management team provides a highly consultative approach with subject matter expertise — offering sage problem-solving skills, integrated with advanced analytical capabilities. From data intake to archive, stringent quality controls are incorporated through every workflow to mitigate exposure to risks as well as add efficiencies. Industry tenure and experience mean something here at Compliance, with many of our Project Managers leading the way towards 10+ years of experience and some with more than 20+ years.

To that end, the eDiscovery Project Management team has a three-pronged focus:

  • eDiscovery Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Technology Implementation

Discover how our legal Consulting and Project Management teams can help you.

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