Discover Broad Scope and Deep Expertise

Discover how Compliance, the “founder” of managed review, brings together project management, contract attorneys, space, and computers with a focused approach and a cohesive review process. We offer:

  • Proprietary review workflows that form the basis of our efficiency
  • Timely tracking, reporting, and metrics
  • Legal staffing driven by a powerful and national recruiting team
  • Practical strategies to meet tight timelines and budgets
  • Technology-assisted review based on best practices and professional expertise
  • Proprietary workflows and technology customizations that increase the pace and accuracy of review
  • State-of-the-art document review facilities featuring customizable space configurations
  • A remote review option, Distributed Review, providing for national resources to collaborate in a secure virtual workspace
  • Flexible pricing options, from hourly to per document to fixed fee

We perform managed reviews for projects of all sizes and subject matters, including: 

  • Specialized Matters, including IP, Antitrust, Employment, Securities, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare
  • Regulatory Inquiries, Hart-Scott-Rodino Second Requests, Internal Investigations/Compliance, SEC/DOJ/FTC Investigations, and FCPA Matters
  • Class Action, Multi-District, and Joint Defense
  • Multilingual Review and Translation

Managed Review Options

Distributed Review

To allow for a more geographically diverse and dedicated team of contract attorneys, legal professionals, and native language translators on document review projects, Compliance offers Distributed Review. Distributed Review utilizes our national network of project managers and full-time on-staff lawyers to remotely manage domestic teams of contract attorneys selected from across the country to maximize efficiency and expertise on your review. With all the equipment, access, and security needed to safely work remotely, our deep pipeline of legal professionals will be able to take on your project under full supervision.

IT/Workstation Security Options

With a number of options available, Compliance elected to secure its Distributed Review workforce by ensuring every link in the chain was protected. All workstations are secured and hardened with encryption and security software, along with video-enabled and AI-enhanced productivity tools to capture potential issues during the review. We offer two options for securing and managing the workstations utilized by our Distributed Review workforce, Distributed PC and Distributed Citrix.

To discover more information on these security options and Compliance’s Distributed Review workflow process, download our brochure.

Compliance Facilities - Review Space on Demand

Fully wired and furnished, our production facilities allow clients to rapidly scale resources within a turnkey managed review approach and are fully equipped to handle high-volume reviews. Amenities and features include: 

  • Fiber optic internet access (up to 1 Gbps) with complete redundancy
  • Desktop computers, monitors, and printers
  • 24-hour security protection
  • Segregated and controlled access review rooms for matter-by-matter security
  • Modular seating for flexible arrangements
  • Private office and conference space
  • Community kitchens

Contract Legal Staffing

If your legal matter requires deep industry expertise, we have the resources for you. Our recruiting team boasts a strong candidate pipeline built over decades, filled with subject matter experts in your industry. Our team looks closely at your requirements and ensures candidates are an exact match to your specifications.

Contact Compliance’s recruiting team today and discover the advantages of what we offer:

  • Strong market connections and a broad candidate network
  • Thorough screening to your exact specifications
  • Fast turnaround to meet your review or project schedule
  • High-caliber candidates—not just a cursory resume match
  • Proactive support based on your forecasted hiring need