Discover Ease

Compliance has invested in some of the most advanced, cutting-edge, and widely-accepted tools in the eDiscovery landscape today. We make these tools available to our clients as a bundled solution in our Discovery-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform, as needed via our AppHQ, and on a flat-fee case-by-case basis through our PayGo DaaS offering. With Relativity, RelativityOne, and Nuix Discover as our foundational platforms, Compliance has developed proprietary Compliance Innovations, worked with third parties to create advanced integrations, and created an eco-system of eDiscovery technology.

Compliance’s AppHQ

Allows clients to select any other tools in the Compliance arsenal, on a case-by-case basis, and add them to their base environment as needed.


Available as a Subscription, PayGo, or Hybrid model, with access to our Innovations and Integrations in our AppHQ, on our Relativity, RelOne, or Nuix Discover platforms.

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Analytics, from general text analytics to those which employ semantic indexing, neurolinguistic programming, machine learning, technology-assisted review, predictive coding, and the application of artificial intelligence (AI), are essential components of today’s data and review environment.

Compliance Innovations

Proprietary technology integrated with Relativity, we call Compliance Innovations provides clients unmatched control, efficient DIY workflows, and detailed metrics and reporting dashboards, allowing them to have the autonomy desired in their environment.

Hosting and Review Platforms

When choosing an integrated eDiscovery technology platform for hosting and document review, there are many options and considerations.

Training, Implementation, & Engagement

Technology constantly advances. This is true in every industry, but particularly in eDiscovery. Updates on existing platforms and altogether new tools consistently hit the market.