Run data through Nuix processing without having to be a Nuix Certified professional. CI Processing Pro uses the Rampiva automation engine to grant you the ability to process your data using Compliance’s proprietary workflows. This App allows you to run a true ECA workflow, only ingesting text and metadata to Relativity. Once ECA is complete, […]
Nuix Workstation is a highly accurate and scalable e-Discovery processing platform built on top of the rock solid Nuix Engine. Nuix Workstation supports ingestion and processing of over 1,000 different file formats and is able to capture the content, metadata and context of each processed item. The platform offers consistent, repeatable results so that clients […]
Relativity Processing allows for ingestion of raw data directly into your workspace without the need for an external tool. Narrow the results of your collection by using filters like date range, sender domain and type to eliminate unnecessary data prior to review. The simplified document level error handling makes it easy to investigate and address multiple errors […]
CI Processing, a Relativity Innovation Award Finalist, allows you to upload and process data directly from your endpoint with a single ‘drag and drop.’ Harnessing the full power of Relativity Processing, CI Processing is the perfect solution when tasked to quickly get documents into your database for a rush production or quick review. A single screen comprising […]