Run data through Nuix processing without having to be a Nuix Certified professional. CI Processing Pro uses the Rampiva automation engine to grant you the ability to process your data using Compliance’s proprietary workflows. This App allows you to run a true ECA workflow, only ingesting text and metadata to Relativity. Once ECA is complete, […]
Manage and control your environment with absolute ease using CI Archiving. CI Archiving allows you to kickoff the ARM Process in 3 simple steps and supports the ultimate in flexibility of storage choices. The fast and easy ARM solution give you control to archive a workspace and free up space to prevent bursting. ARM stands […]
Blackout, a Milyli product, is the easiest, most comprehensive way to redact information in Relativity.  Blackout can automatically redact and mark up native Excel content and image files in Relativity. With Blackout, a review team can create rules and then apply them against a document set to redact documents at high-speed and high volume. Benefits […]
A common frustration among users is consistency across workspace set-up. With CI Templates, Compliance allows our clients to create or import their own workspace templates. When using Templates, each workspace created is built using the desired template, so all views, features and security settings are the same across all workspaces in the environment. CI Templates […]
Keeping track of case communications and review related communications can become burdensome. With Compliance’s CI Discussion, you can manage team and case communications, questions, responses, and coding changes (i.e., decision log information) all within Relativity. CI Discussion is built into your workspace template and provides the ability to easily track conversations and decisions with built-in […]
Compliance developed it’s easy to use, secure and fully integrated machine translation application CI Translate enabling machine translation on the fly in both on-prem and RelativityOne instances. With the click of your mouse, select documents individually or as a saved search for automated machine translation. Documents are returned within seconds to the database and the translated […]
Document review can be the most costly phase in the discovery process. With Compliance’s CI Click, you can speed up time spent on document review by eliminating repetitive coding decisions. CI Click places recurring multi-coding decisions into a single click multi-select button.  The coding buttons are completely customizable based on the fields available in the […]
CI Processing, a Relativity Innovation Award Finalist, allows you to upload and process data directly from your endpoint with a single ‘drag and drop.’ Harnessing the full power of Relativity Processing, CI Processing is the perfect solution when tasked to quickly get documents into your database for a rush production or quick review. A single screen comprising […]