Compliance puts the power of platform administration in your hands!  Manage Users, Groups/Permissions, Matters, Workspaces and run full Audits with CI Admin. In Compliance’s newest release, CI Admin is now fully integrated with our App Store and accessed directly from your Okta landing page menu. Manage full user status and permissions, such as: new user […]
CI Login is the crux of DaaS and the App store, tying all of the pieces together! CI Login provides clients secure and flexible access options to our wide array of eDiscovery applications and tools. CI Login is backed by Okta identity management for authentication, authorization, and monitoring. We also leverage their Identity Management system for […]
CI Access is the data transfer App that allows you to upload and download data between your local or connected drives and your staging directory. The hub of CI Access is Aspera. Aspera achieves speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP. Data sets of unlimited sizes can be transferred over any […]
Heretik is an AI-backed contract provision recognition and comparison tool to assist with contract reviews. Whether reviewing for an acquisition, a regulatory response or a litigation matter, Heretik’s easy to use analysis tool can speed review through and categorize contract types, segment clauses, compare contract language and even populate coding fields utilizing regular expression. With […]
Nuix Workstation is a highly accurate and scalable e-Discovery processing platform built on top of the rock solid Nuix Engine. Nuix Workstation supports ingestion and processing of over 1,000 different file formats and is able to capture the content, metadata and context of each processed item. The platform offers consistent, repeatable results so that clients […]
Nuix Discover gives you end-to-end eDiscovery firepower from collections to the courtroom so you can get to the truth faster. You get all the benefits of the world’s best processing, everyday analytics, and smart review in a single platform. Backed by innovative, integrated customer success programs, Nuix Discover is the trusted choice for organizations worldwide. […]
Relativity is a best in breed complete end to end eDiscovery solution. It is a single platform for proactive Compliance monitoring, Legal Hold, Collection, Review, Analytics and Production. The Relativity slogan encompasses what Relativity can offer; “Organize Data. Discover the truth. Act on it.” This scalable solution is backed with powerful technology to be able […]
Relativity Processing allows for ingestion of raw data directly into your workspace without the need for an external tool. Narrow the results of your collection by using filters like date range, sender domain and type to eliminate unnecessary data prior to review. The simplified document level error handling makes it easy to investigate and address multiple errors […]
Tight deadlines and large amounts of data are a breeze with Relativity Analytics. Relativity’s visual data analytics and machine learning technology are fully integrated within your workspace for ease of implementation at any time, whether for ECA or production preparation. Minimize time lost by having to transfer data to other analytics platforms and kick off the […]
Relativity Collect enables you to move from collection to processing to review without ever leaving the security of the cloud. Collect is fully defensible providing detailed reports and a complete audit trail. The best part? The Collect wizard is easy to use and doesn’t require any specialized training, so anyone on the case team can […]