Harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to cut through large volumes of data quickly using the world’s most advanced data analytics platform. Brainspace provides you with a multitude of analytical tools to make smarter, faster, and more informed decisions, all integrated directly with your Relativity workspace.   Using Brainspace, you have access […]
NexLP’s Story Engine allows review teams to gain deeper contextual clarity that results in saving time and costs in uncovering critical facts. NexLP’s Story Engine has the ability to understand behavioral signals within unstructured data, converting them into valuable insights, reusable AI models, and providing a streamlined review process. NexLP’s cutting-edge AI and machine learning using […]
The leader in enterprise-class, distributed eDiscovery and GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) technology. X1’s enterprise search, data audit and collection capabilities are now integrated into Compliance’s DaaS platform, including Brainspace data analytics. This partnership provides DaaS clients instant access to information from any custodian for eDiscovery, investigations and compliance purposes, with the ability to analyze data […]
Run structured analytics sets and view the results without ever having to leave the workspace with H5’s Matter Analytics tool which is fully integrated within Relativity. Matter Analytics not only encompasses Email Threading, Name Normalization, Near & Text Duplicate identification but it also performs PII Identification and Metadata Remediation. Running PII Identification completely swings the […]
Our client-facing support site contains help articles for all Compliance Innovations, all Compliance-supported applications, as well as custom workflows that we find our clients regularly referencing. We are constantly updating this site with new information so our clients have a one-stop shop for all support articles. The Compliance team strives for timely and efficient responses […]
Manage and control your environment with absolute ease using CI Archiving. CI Archiving allows you to kickoff the ARM Process in 3 simple steps and supports the ultimate in flexibility of storage choices. The fast and easy ARM solution give you control to archive a workspace and free up space to prevent bursting. ARM stands […]
Blackout, a Milyli product, is the easiest, most comprehensive way to redact information in Relativity.  Blackout can automatically redact and mark up native Excel content and image files in Relativity. With Blackout, a review team can create rules and then apply them against a document set to redact documents at high-speed and high volume. Benefits […]
Discover Relevant Evidence With Ai-Powered Ediscovery Veritone minimizes discovery spend and time for legal teams by transcribing, searching and analyzing audio and video evidence early in a case to quickly identify, cull-down, and focus on relevant data only. Veritone makes eDiscovery of unstructured ESI, including audio/video evidence assets, possible in leading eDiscovery platforms including Relativity […]
A common frustration among users is consistency across workspace set-up. With CI Templates, Compliance allows our clients to create or import their own workspace templates. When using Templates, each workspace created is built using the desired template, so all views, features and security settings are the same across all workspaces in the environment. CI Templates […]
By harnessing Microsoft’s AI engine, Compliance developed PowerCI to provide our DaaS Administrators insight into their environment. Updated daily, PowerCI provides concise and easy to understand visual reporting and metrics information from an environmental level down to a workspace level. The Dashboards tab provides easy monitoring of users, storage, both on a current and historical […]