Harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to cut through large volumes of data quickly using the world’s most advanced data analytics platform. Brainspace provides you with a multitude of analytical tools to make smarter, faster, and more informed decisions, all integrated directly with your Relativity workspace.


Using Brainspace, you have access to a bevy of features, including:

  • Supervised Learning: leverage machine learning to quickly review large data sets and find relevant documents faster using either a tried-and-tested Predictive Coding (TAR 1.0) or cutting edge Continuous Multimodal Learning (TAR 2.0) workflow.
  • Textual Deduplication: remove exact and near-duplicate documents from your review workflows based on the contents of the documents themselves, regardless of how they were collected or processed.
  • Email Threading: review only the most inclusive documents in each email thread, eliminating review of repetitive data.
  • Concept Search: locate data related to key documents by subject matter, whether or not they hit on specific search terms.
  • Advanced Analysis: communication analysis, search visualization, foreign language detection, entity extraction, and much more.

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