CI Access

CI Access is the data transfer App that allows you to upload and download data between your local or connected drives and your staging directory. The hub of CI Access is Aspera.

Aspera achieves speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP. Data sets of unlimited sizes can be transferred over any network at maximum speed, regardless of network conditions or distance. Large sets of small files achieve the same transfer efficiency as large single files. Aspera delivers guaranteed transfer times and 100% reliability, without the erratic, unpredictable behavior of TCP.

With your DaaS OnPrem Experience, you’ll also have access to your own private file share, where you can track all data uploads, giving you flexibility to control your data.

If you are working in RelativityOne, CI Access takes the form of Relativity’s Staging Explorer, which uses Aspera to transfer data between your local network and the staging area. You’ll have the same high speed and efficient transfers regardless of OnPrem or RelOne platform.


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