CI Login is the crux of DaaS and the App store, tying all of the pieces together! CI Login provides clients secure and flexible access options to our wide array of eDiscovery applications and tools. CI Login is backed by Okta identity management for authentication, authorization, and monitoring. We also leverage their Identity Management system for Single Sign-On into our platform via SAML or OPENID. All Client Administrators have full access to user lifecycle operations, logging, and configuration settings so they can secure and configure their environment as they see fit. Okta brings next generation security options that are constantly improving, including:

  • Adaptive 2 Factor
  • GeoIP Filtering
  • Impossible Travel Detection
  • User & Device Behavioral Analysis
  • Unauthorized VPN Detection
  • Automated Threat Blacklisting
  • Authentication Attempt Analysis
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Threat Hunting
  • Exhaustive Logging



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