Imagine the ability to migrate a workspace from Relativity Server to Relativity One in a single click.  CI Migrate is the magical automation tool that allows a user, with one mouse click, to commence an automated, scripted process that

  1. Creates an ARM of a selected workspace
  2. Moves the ARM out of your Relativity Server repository
  3. Transfers to a dedicated fileshare,
  4. Uploads your ARM with encryption via high-speed to Relativity One
  5. Restores the ARM in Relativity One
  6. Validates the files to ensure everything is transferred. 

You now have an active Relativity One workspace in the Azure cloud without lifting a finger

For Compliance DaaS Users, and where Compliance is Partner of Record, the thought of migrating a workspace from Relativity Server to Relativity One can be a daunting task.  Relativity has even created its own certification around the process!  Migration aside, even creating an ARM can be difficult for many, requiring several steps and a general knowledge of the appropriate settings for the ultimate disposition of that workspace.  CI Migrate takes those steps and automates the process—from creation of an ARM, through QC of your newly unpackaged Relativity One migrated workspace.  It uses multi-threaded transfer methods and avoids the common issues associated with a standard ARM transfer.  The effort and energy (not to mention time and stress) required to complete the steps and tasks associated with migration are now eliminated with CI Migrate. 

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