Matter Analytics

by: H5

Run structured analytics sets and view the results without ever having to leave the workspace with H5’s Matter Analytics tool which is fully integrated within Relativity. Matter Analytics not only encompasses Email Threading, Name Normalization, Near & Text Duplicate identification but it also performs PII Identification and Metadata Remediation. Running PII Identification completely swings the pendulum to review confidential information much earlier in the process by automatically flagging documents that likely contain PII or Potentially contain PII. Put eyes on sensitive information day one, and coupled with Blackout (the mass redaction tool), you are able to get ahead of the game. Had enough of receiving poor data with no email metadata? Metadata Remediation can help by obtaining reliable metadata using their email header identification process. 

Running various Matter Analytics sets is extremely intuitive with a clean easy to understand interface and reviewers love the specific views that are automatically created when in the document viewer.


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