Nuix Workstation

by: Nuix

Nuix Workstation is a highly accurate and scalable e-Discovery processing platform built on top of the rock solid Nuix Engine. Nuix Workstation supports ingestion and processing of over 1,000 different file formats and is able to capture the content, metadata and context of each processed item. The platform offers consistent, repeatable results so that clients can mitigate risk during the discovery process, save on cost and ensure that all possible information has been extracted from a particular data source.

Nuix Workstation has multiple points of integration with our review platforms including both Relativity and Nuix Discover. Processed data is seamlessly migrated between Nuix Workstation and Relativity or Nuix Discover, so our clients are able to quickly have the facts at their fingertips in a defensible and repeatable manner.

The ECA (Early Case Assessment) workflows within Nuix Workstation allow users to gain quick insight into their data sets so that they can quickly answer fundamental questions about their data and make decisions about the case before the data is promoted for review. With specialized workflow solutions and extensive customization scripts, Nuix Workstation is able to offer contextual insights on client data and handle those tasks where other platforms fall short.


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