Discover Customized Resources

Compliance is proud to offer Compliance Innovations: customized technology and integrations developed specifically to enhance your experience within the Relativity platform. Compliance Innovations allow for a streamlined eDiscovery process and provide enhanced document review, along with insight and accessibility unlike any other platform.

CI Processing:

Upload and process data directly from your desktop with a single “drag and drop” – a Relativity Innovation Award Finalist for 2017!

CI Processing Pro:

Automate Nuix processing and Relativity ECA workflow with the Rampiva automation engine and Compliance’s proprietary workflows

CI Access:

Data loading and transfer using Aspera, remote desktop, and reporting. Aspera achieves speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP. Data sets of unlimited sizes can be transferred over any network at maximum speed, regardless of network conditions or distance. Large sets of small files achieve the same transfer efficiency as large single files. Aspera delivers guaranteed transfer times and 100% reliability, without the erratic, unpredictable behavior of TCP.

CI Admin:

CI Admin is the ultimate administrative tool for any firm or corporation in the DaaS platform, harnessing the power of Compliance’s App and Innovation Suite and the power of the Relativity Ecosystem and partners.

CI Login:

Comprehensive and customizable security and multi-factor authentication platform (via Okta) that enables client administrators to tailor their advanced security settings and provides them with their own dedicated white-label logo landing page.


DaaS dashboard with charts, graphs, and information on complete data monitoring across all cases, including user access and activity history, storage, workspace breakdown, total environment, and the option to set an automatic disable feature for inactive users.

CI Click:

Single-Click Multi-Select Tool for when your workflow may warrant complex but repetitive coding clicks. Let us customize a proprietary shortcut that allows for a single click to, for example, code for desired combination of Responsiveness, Privilege, Confidentiality, Issue Codes, as well as Save and Next, if requested!

CI Archive:

Client-driven functionality to Archive, Restore, and Move Relativity workspaces to help take your matters from Active to Archive with just a few clicks.

CI Translate:

With the right click of your mouse, select documents individually or as a saved search for machine translation. Documents are returned within seconds to the database with a new translated view for ease of search and review. Auto-detected source language becomes newly-fielded data in your workspace.

CI Discussion:

Built directly into your workspace template, manage team and case communications, questions, responses, and coding changes (i.e., decision log information) in Relativity—with tracking, alerts, and email notifications to track conversations and decisions.

CI Support:

Communicate with our helpdesk, project management, and techs directly through your own private Slack channel, without ever having to leave the Relativity platform.

CI Migrate:

Imagine the ability to migrate a workspace from Relativity Server to Relativity One in a single click. CI Migrate is the magical automation tool that allows a user, with one mouse click, to commence an automated, scripted process that ends with an active Relativity One workspace in the Azure cloud without lifting a finger!