Compliance’s Discovery-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a platform enabling delivery of eDiscovery infrastructure, software, and services unlike any other. It offers application and hosting flexibility, cost transparency, environment scalability, and world-class security—without any cost of ownership—giving clients the ultimate in control, innovation, and ease.   

Backed by the security of our ISO 27001 certification, navigating data with DaaS through the eDiscovery process couldn’t be more streamlined and efficient. Our approach combines powerful analytics and visualizations, multiple processing options, and investigative/data assessment tools. Compliance’s DaaS Platform gives you the freedom to upload, process, filter, search, assess, review, and produce —all on demand and self-directed from the comfort of your desk—or using our professional services team. 

DaaS was originally hosted exclusively in Compliance’s server-based (OnPrem) instance of Relativity. Still used by many clients today, it provides full administrative access to Relativity Processing, Relativity Review and Hosting, and Brainspace analytics. To support this, Compliance provides clients a dedicated, white-labeled landing page accessible through our customizable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Single Sign-On (SSO) protocol; their own private File Share accessible via Aspera; their own private SQL server; and Citrix access to a Remote Desktop, giving them full control of the Relativity Desktop Client application.  

RelativityOne and Nuix Discover have become the newest homes for DaaS.  These cloud-hosted solutions, coupled with our DaaS platform, workflows, and innovations, offer complete end-to-end management of your eDiscovery projects and a one-stop shop from legal hold to matter closure. Both RelOne and Nuix Discover offer enhanced scalability and security, along with continually monitored performance – and as a result, are speed-optimized for eDiscovery in the cloud. DaaS in the cloud gets the best of both worlds: access to Compliance Innovations and service, on top of all that these cutting-edge tools have to offer.  Discover more about the benefits of DaaS.

DaaS isn’t just Managed Services, it’s a Practice Support Platform to support all of your needs, big or small, long or short term. To wrap it all up, DaaS offers: 

  • Scalability: Start small and increase environment size as needs dictate. 
  • Cost Efficiency & Transparency: Cost recovery made simple through Metrics and Reporting, and Compliance shadow billing; single fee to firm with billing flexibility. 
  • Speed and Accuracy: Innovations allow for expedited and DIY processing, analysis of opposing party production sets, and advanced investigation; speed of coding through shortcuts. 
  • Flexibility: PayGo, Subscription, or Hybrid model – on RelOne, Nuix Discover, or Compliance Hosted – allows you to choose the right plan for your practice, whether that’s DIY, fully-supported, or somewhere in between. We provide the options you need for small, medium, or large matters: one client, the whole firm, or just one practice group.  
  • Control: As much or as little as you like and need. 
  • Workflows: From templates, batching, and document management, to ease of processing and production. 
  • Resources: No more software upgrades, hardware, or backup failures; we take care of everything. You focus on practice and support! 
  • Consistence and Standardization: Tools, users, workflows, and meeting goals. 
  • Data reuse and repository: Make use of pre-coded or processed data for other matters, saving your clients money and creating actionable business intelligence. 
  • Utilization: Work in the environment as if it were yours; unlimited throughput and utilization of tools and analytics. 

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