When choosing an integrated eDiscovery technology platform for hosting and document review, there are many options and considerations. Each platform is unique and has its own strengths – and it’s critical for clients to think about the features and functionality they’ll most likely rely on in any matter or across their enterprise.

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Compliance provides clients with 3 of the most trusted and time-tested platforms on the eDiscovery market. These platforms truly represent the innovation and ingenuity, flexibility, and scalability that eDiscovery requires. Compliance has partnered with these platforms based on their extensibility, compatibility, customizability, and overall security. We have developed workflows around each of these solutions that help clients achieve deeper insight into their data, promote fewer documents to review, and circumvent burdensome processes.


Relativity simplifies and accelerates how the world conducts eDiscovery by bringing the entire process and community together in one open, flexible, and connected platform. Through customizations and integrations, Compliance has extended the platform’s capabilities to give clients a truly unique experience, from two-factor authentication and single –sign-on, to various administrative privileges that give you control and ease of use, backed by the power of the Compliance team. Relativity has been, and continues to be, the gold standard in eDiscovery, used internationally by many of the world’s top law firms and largest corporations as their primary tool for their eDiscovery needs, from legal hold to archive hosting.

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With this Azure-deployed SaaS solution, leveraging iron-clad security, global reach, the best performance, and the ability to innovate faster, Compliance’s RelativityOne instance helps you gain a competitive advantage now and ensures future success. Compliance recognizes the power of the cloud and understands how RelativityOne takes the platform to a new level of intuitiveness and scalability. RelativityOne represents the future of eDiscovery and harnesses cloud-optimized architecture to give clients the speed, security, and control to tackle the most complex matters efficiently. Compliance has integrated its DaaS solution into RelativityOne and offers even more options to clients for ease of access and control, along with new cost saving storage options and workflow automations to simplify any matter. The combination of DaaS, the AppHQ, and RelativityOne are leading the charge into the next decade of eDiscovery.

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Nuix Discover:

By leveraging the performance, scale, and security of the AWS cloud, Nuix Discover helps tackle the complexity and scope of today’s matters by uncovering evidence faster and integrating legal strategies. Compliance’s Nuix Discover platform provides clients with end-to-end eDiscovery firepower, from collections to productions, so you can get to the truth faster. Powered by the world's fastest processing engine, Nuix Discover transforms raw data into meaningful information consistently and with forensic precision. Visual analytics quickly reveal the critical details in every project and reduce the complexity and time spent in document review. Visual machine learning uses proven algorithms to quickly learn and assist with the decision logic of your subject matter experts. The smart, intuitive, and integrated review platform helps teams speed through document sets and reduce costs of review. Compliance backs Nuix Discover with expertise in workflows, processing, and analytics to help you do more and succeed—such that Nuix Discover is quickly becoming the trusted choice for our clients.

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