Technology constantly advances. This is true in every industry, but particularly in eDiscovery. Updates on existing platforms and altogether new tools consistently hit the market. It can be quite confusing and overwhelming, but with a bit of hands-on training and education from a team that has a vested interest in your success, you can become expert on the latest and effective workflows and methodologies in the eDiscovery field using Compliance’s technology 

Compliance believes that successful onboarding, implementation, and training are at the cornerstone of any client’s success, particularly our DaaS clientsFor every client implementing our DaaS platform on a subscription basis, wdevelop a robust training plan providing eDiscovery environment administrators and end users with the knowledge and understanding of the systems – not only from a technical perspective, but also for workflows and best practices. We do not take a one-sizefits-all approach, but will work with clients to prepare a customized curriculum to fit your individual needs and expectations through onsite, hands-on, and remote training sessions. 

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Part of the onboarding and implementation process includes the development of a playbook outlining each client’s specific processes and workflows. This playbook is utilized by both the client and Compliance in the request for and delivery of services through the engagement to develop a cadence of regular communication and reporting to ensure effective knowledge sharing. This playbook is meant to be a living document, and as such, is updated as needed, should processes or workflows change. 

Onboarding, implementation, individual training, and ongoing eDiscovery education initiatives are led by our Implementation and Training Specialists and are further supported by a Client Engagement Manager and our eDiscovery Support team comprised of project managers and analysts. 

Training and implementation topics we cover include:

  • Best practice workflows for processing, productions, and workspace ARMs
  • Reporting, metrics business intelligence, and cost recovery
  • Back-end administration and data management
  • Password, security, and compliance best practices
  • User permissions and groups
  • Batching, document review, and coding panel efficiencies
  • Privilege log generation
  • Use of CI Innovations along the eDiscovery process
  • CLE delivery to end users on technology and eDiscovery general knowledge
  • Data preservation, client interviews, collections, and data transfers
  • Data reuse and data lake practices, and more

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