Through Compliance’s integrated Discovery-as-a-Service ("DaaS") platform, you can harness the power of our advanced technology infrastructure as if it was your own. Our world-class architecture provides a robust toolkit at your fingertips, without the need for any additional investment in software, hardware, infrastructure or dedicated internal resources. 

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Utilizing our SSAE-16 data centers and cutting-edge legal software, technology and tools, Compliance gives you the freedom to upload, process, filter, host, review and produce – all on demand from the comfort of your desk.  How you choose to engage is up to you: 

  • tap into our technology experts and Consulting Advisory Group for responsive and customized support services, or
  • run the lifecycle on your own using your internal processes and the built-in management portal and client dashboard. 
The End of “Per Gigabyte”

Compliance’s Discovery-as-a-Service unique pricing model is based on a predictable monthly subscription fee, allowing for unlimited throughput and utilization of the system.

Why Choose a Managed Services Approach?

Compliance’s DaaS approach offers greater flexibility, scalability, consistency, and cost control. Key advantages include:

  • Reduced costs through customized pricing with a set monthly fee
  • Flexible assistance from IT, litigation, and review experts on demand
  • Backed by best-of-breed industry software, including Nuix and Relativity
  • Industry-best data security through Compliance’s SSAE-16 data centers, redundancies and intrusion detection software
  • Complete matter control through our proprietary client management portal and customized dashboards
  • Continuous upgrades and numerous customizations to streamline workflow and review
  • Enterprise metrics for advanced information governance
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View our press release announcing Discovery-as-a-Service by Compliance.



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