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Advanced Analytics

Both analytics and technology assisted review are essential components of today’s data and review environment. While technology drives the execution and utilization of analytical tools, we believe that workflows and people hold the ultimate key to successful implementation.

Application of Analytics

We use analytics in a number of ways—before, during and after review—to identify key concepts, documents, witnesses, time periods and document clusters. Specifically, the analytics we employ include:

  • Key Word/Unique Hit Analytics
  • Domain Analytics
  • File Type Analytics
  • Concept Clustering
  • Concept Search
  • Timeline Analysis
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Technology Assisted Review/Predictive Coding
  • Near Duplicate (and document similarity) Analytics
  • E-Mail Thread Analytics
Clear Advantages

Analytics allow clients to segregate documents faster, more efficiently and more accurately. Whether removing documents or data from a review set, or finding a “hot” conversation between two custodians on their personal email accounts, analytics help our clients focus on and prioritize data. This translates into cost savings, primarily due to reduced attorney review time, the most expensive aspect of the eDiscovery process.

Another competitive advantage lies in the fact that as both a technology and review company, we provide a single-source solution to take the greatest advantage of analytics—application and review—giving Compliance an integrated and more efficient approach.

The Power of Discovery5 by Brainspace

Brainspace Discovery™ 5 is the most comprehensive solution for analyzing unstructured data. From intelligent data preparation to exploration and collaboration, business professionals, analysts, and domain experts can use Discovery 5 to make decisions, evaluate and mitigate risks, and uncover insights and opportunities.  For more information on how Compliance utilizes and harnesses the power of Brainspace, click here.

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