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Early Case Assessment

Early case consulting identifies opportunities for greater efficiencies and significant cost savings, before the first document is ever coded. Compliance is a licensed partner of Nuix and its suite of tools, along with Relativity Processing.  With these tools, Compliance can harness the power to help you:

  1. Account for everything in your document collection

  2. Target what is known or even unknown about the data universe

  3. Apply what is learned about the documents to cull data to its smallest defensible review set

Be Prepared for Maximum Efficiency

At Compliance, our goal is to fully understand the scope and scale of the data landscape in advance of review to leverage every advantage of reducing your data set.  For ECA, our assessment areas include:

  • Analysis of the full document universe
  • Keyword testing
  • Opportunities for significant data reduction or suppression
  • Timeline analysis
  • Domain reporting and social network exploration
  • Pre-review data categorization and prioritization
Start with the End in Mind

A truly collaborative approach means that we work in your best interests. The earlier Compliance gets involved, the greater value and cost savings we can deliver.



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