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Review Platforms

Compliance employs a wide variety of document review platforms and places contract attorneys with proven experience and aptitude across all of them. Our project managers know every “trick of the trade” to elicit maximum functionality out of each system.

Relativity "Best In Service" Hosting Partner

As a recognized and certified Best In Service Hosting Partner for Relativity, Compliance offers expertise and access to the industry’s premium review platform through a single-source solution.

The collaborative partnership integrates Relativity's fully featured, web-based e-discovery application with Compliance’s expert project management, proven workflows and legal staffing.

Compliance Cloud - powered by CloudNine Discovery

Compliance's new Cloud partnership with CloudNine Discovery provides our clients with a simple, intuitive cloud-based hosting option for data loads direct from the Compliance Cloud processing interface.  The Compliance Cloud hosting option offers immediate document review options, analytics and predictive coding all in a single, easy-to-use interface, all of which can be directed by you, without assistance from our project management teams.  The Compliance Cloud offers ultimate control on a case-by-case basis.

Platform-Agnostic Options

Many clients have opinions and partiality for particular technologies, often pre-selecting their own preferred legal review platform. Compliance has across-the-board experience with the most common applications on the market.

We can provide you with a technology-agnostic evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of specific platforms relative to your case. Once that selection is made, we jump start adoption with trained, savvy reviewers who are well-versed in the chosen tool.


ACEDS Nuix Relativity Brainspace