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Our Case Studies:


Class Action

Compliance was engaged by Outside Counsel for a large services business whose data involved both personal and private data governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Initially, the engagement involved processing, hosting and review of 200,000 documents.  Additional data was uncovered after one week (nearly four times the original amount), requiring additional resources with no flexibility on the three-week court-mandated discovery deadline.  Within 24 hours, Compliance tripled the size of the review team, adjusting rapidly to accommodate specifications that were not final until 48 hours before the deadline.  A one million page production was delivered to counsel’s office on time. 


Managed Review: Second Request

Compliance supported an energy industry FTC second request consisting of more than 500,000 documents within a six-week timeframe.  More than 100 contract attorneys conducted the review, which took place in Compliance’s 15,000sf customizable New York facility. During the pre-case assessment, Compliance’s Consulting Advisory Group provided workflow and technology recommendations that were instrumental in increasing review throughput and lowering costs by an estimated $250,000.  The production set was delivered in time to meet the strict deadline.


Managed Review: Pharma

Compliance’s client, a prominent pharmaceutical company, faced a product liability lawsuit for one of its most profitable drugs.  The initial collection set consisted of more than 2 terabytes of data and 1 million documents.  Compliance employed a data reduction strategy – validated through random sampling – that reduced the review set to 200,000 documents which were categorized by responsiveness and privilege status.  In three weeks, 15 experienced contract attorneys completed the review on time, saving an estimated $350,000 in costs.  The client continues to utilize the documented workflows and processes developed during the project lifecycle.


Data Assessment

Compliance has a longstanding relationship with an AmLaw 100 firm specializing in complex litigation and regulatory matters.  To prepare for high-profile cases, the client sought input to evaluate and implement technology to streamline the traditional document review process. Compliance provided a practical demonstration and trial 50 GB data load using Mindseye TunnelVision, a powerful advanced filtering, processing and early case assessment technology platform.  The client decided to adopt the tool based on its highly intuitive and collaborative interface.  Going forward, the client plans to use TunnelVision exclusively for all new matters that require processing and early case assessment. 


Multi-Lingual Review: Anti-Competitive

For more than three years, Compliance supported a multi-lingual review for an anti-competitive matter, primarily requiring Japanese language skills, as well as German, Spanish, Chinese and others.  The project scaled up and down to meet case demands, with as many as 40 bilingual attorneys and legal support specialists reviewing more than 2.5 million documents.  Compliance developed a unique QC workflow to accommodate the client’s processes, and the team also provided analysis and reporting for parallel efforts overseas.  Compliance is working alongside the client to prepare for civil action by evaluating predictive coding strategies to further streamline the ongoing workload and future anticipated matters.


Multi-Lingual Review: Financial Fraud

Compliance played an integral role in a large global review related to financial fraud litigation.  Many of the documents originated from Europe, where strict privacy laws required rigorous adherence.  Compliance recruited attorneys fluent in Spanish and French to conduct native language review for relevancy, privilege and confidentiality.  The review was conducted primarily in counsel’s office in Brussels, Belgium, requiring significant logistical coordination.  Originally slated to last 12 weeks, the Compliance review team drove efficiencies through workflow and completed the review in just six weeks, cutting the client’s cost in half and returning our team back to the U.S. for the holidays.



Compliance provided management and a 40-person review team during an antitrust litigation within the media and communications field.  We helped the law firm manage the flow of review data and properly track production sets by custodian. Our law firm client was so pleased with the quality of the review team's work, they asked seven reviewers to continue working on the project for nine months after the initial review was complete in order to prepare a detailed privilege log, witness kits, deposition and, ultimately, trial preparation.  Two of these Compliance candidates are now permanent employees with the law firm client.

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