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Compliance Distributed Review

To allow for a more geographically diverse and dedicated team of contract attorneys, legal professionals, and native language translators on document review projects, Compliance proudly introduces Distributed Review. Distributed Review utilizes our national network of project managers and full-time on-staff lawyers to remotely manage domestic teams of contract attorneys selected from across the country to maximize efficiency and expertise on your review. With all the equipment, access, and security needed to safely work remotely, our deep pipeline of legal professionals will be able to take on your project under full supervision.

IT/Workstation Security Options

With a number of options available, Compliance elected to secure its Distributed Review workforce by ensuring every link in the chain was protected. All workstations are secured and hardened with encryption and security software, along with video-enabled and AI-enhanced productivity tools to capture potential issues during the review. We offer two options for securing and managing the workstations utilized by our Distributed Review workforce, Distributed PC and Distributed Citrix.

Distributed PC Option Features

  • Utilizes a customized and hardened Compliance Laptop deployed with state-of-the-art security and monitoring software
  • Website / URL Whitelist on the Local PC
  • Disabled USB Drives and Optical Storage Devices on the Local PC
  • Disabled Printing on the Local PC
  • Application Restrictions & Filtering on the Local PC
  • Local PC Drive Encryption via Bitlocker
  • Employee Remote Screen Monitoring & Activity Monitoring from the Local PC
  • Restricted Email Platform accessible from the Local PC
  • Crowdstrike Endpoint Security running on the Local PC
    • 24/7 Network Operations Center

    • 24/7 Endpoint Monitoring & Incident Response

    • 24/7 Managed Detection & Remediation

    • Threat hunting

    • Next-Gen Anti-Virus

    • IT Hygiene Analysis

Distributed Citrix Option Features

  • Takes advantage of a user’s existing resources and delivers a secure Virtual PC Review Session using Citrix XenApp
  • Website / URL Whitelist inside Citrix Session
  • Disabled USB Drives and Optical Storage Devices from access to the Citrix Session
  • Disabled Printing from the Citrix Sessions
  • Application Restrictions & Filtering within the Citrix Session
  • Restricted Email Platform available inside the Citrix Session
  • RemoteDesk Security & Monitoring running on the Local PC
    • AI-enabled screen movement and pixel management
    • Video verification of ID, phone use, unauthorized visitors/access & breaks
    • Activity blocking (Screen Capture, Printing, Clipboard & Video Lockdown)
    • Productivity monitoring and reporting suite (URL’s, active vs inactive, etc)
  • Citrix Local PC Hardening
    • Require Enabled and Updated Antivirus Engine
    • Require Enabled Local Firewall
    • Enforce Specific OS & Patch Requirements
  • Crowdstrike Endpoint Security running on the Citrix Session
    • 24/7 Network Operations Center
    • 24/7 Endpoint Monitoring & Incident Response
    • 24/7 Managed Detection & Remediation
    • Threat hunting
    • Next-Gen Anti-Virus
    • IT Hygiene Analysis

Candidate Pool & Employment Screening

With a database of qualified and experienced candidates, Compliance boasts resources in every corner of the US, allowing us to find the best candidates and assemble them for your project. Legal professionals are vetted through an in-person and/or Zoom video conference interview, then screened via background check (which includes bar checks, reference checks, previous employment, education verification, and, as applicable, criminal background investigation). All candidates have prior review experience and their daily interactions while on your review are monitored through our security solutions.

Project Management & Oversight

The Project Management team is comprised of licensed attorneys providing virtual oversight of Distributed Review teams. Project Managers maintain constant communication with the contract attorney teams and provide full-time supervision over the processes and workflows, the collective review team, and security/productivity solutions. Our Project Management attorneys work as active participants on your reviews in order to ensure top-tier throughput and work product. Outside Counsel and Corporate clients have full access to the review teams for coaching, feedback, and secure conferencing. The Project Management team plays a direct role in ensuring that your Distributed Review team is working effectively and efficiently and that productivity expectations are always met.

Metrics and Reporting

For Clients and Case teams, Compliance provides daily review insights, metrics and reporting, and budget estimates and tracking - all to seamlessly deliver quality reviews, on time. Compliance provides comprehensive reporting, from detailed Reviewer Performance Statistics to highly-nuanced case-specific issues, custodian, and responsiveness reporting, along with productivity and active work monitoring. Metrics are tracked and customized to support client needs with real-time Project Management analysis of review and data trends. Compliance Project Management brings years of experience working with all eDiscovery vendors and can support clients and review teams, on-site and off, with an array of solutions and reporting options.

Take your review to the next level. Contact Compliance to see how we can help at or 215.383.1781.

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