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EDRM Lifecycle Management

Every matter requires case-specific methodologies to address the challenges presented by what to collect, process, host, review and produce.  What’s more, a continuous assessment of the data should follow the case as it proceeds through the EDRM cycle.  

Compliance, and more specifically our Consulting Advisory Group, works with each client from matter inception to determine the goals of the case, tier custodians and collect only what’s necessary prior to beginning the collection.  

Our integrated approach sets the stage for success:

Pre Collection: 

Efforts focus on tiering custodians and collecting only what’s necessary.

Post Collection: 

We work with counsel to hone concept searches, key words and file type restrictions to further reduce the data.

Before any review takes place, advanced search and analytics identify and prioritize time lines, languages, key people and documents, all while excluding potentially non-responsive data.  Assessment of whether technology assisted review can or should be applied is part and parcel of this process, including recommended workflow for application of advanced TAR technology.

Bottom Line Impact

Compliance’s ultimate goal is to make the reviewable set as small as possible.  Few, if any, providers can say that their goal is to work with clients so they actually spend less.  Compliance’s approach to full EDRM lifecycle management and end-to-end implementation helps clients meet their goals at every stage of the process.

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