Compliance Announces Drag & Drop Processing Enhancement to eDiscovery Managed Services Platform

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New York, NY, June 13, 2017— Compliance Discovery Solutions (, an integrated eDiscovery services and managed review provider, today announced “Drag & Drop” processing, the most innovative enhancement to date for Compliance’s DaaS 2.0 environment. 

This new client portal feature is Compliance’s greatest advancement in transforming a traditional on premise data lifecycle solution to a true do-it-yourself cloud offering.  The new Drag & Drop application allows users to upload, process and begin Relativity review right from their desktop by simply dragging files from their stored location into the Drag & Drop tool.  The rest of the process is fully automated, including uploading, processing and promoting to review. 

The DaaS 2.0 eDiscovery Managed Services platform enhancements incorporate many other new features, such as automated native excel redactions, media transcription and searching, as well as a client facing archive and restore tool to better manage active and archived data.

“Today marks the start of a new beginning for those eDiscovery users who love the power of traditional applications like Relativity, but crave the ease of use available through cloud solutions,” said Ari Perlstein, Chief Technology Officer of Compliance.  “This new proprietary offering in our DaaS 2.0 platform gives all end users the ability to quickly, easily and defensibly host any data for review, regardless of experience level” added Perlstein.

“Compliance continues to create tools that deliver ease of use, customized workflow and true business intelligence.  The enhancements to DaaS 2.0, along with new client portal features, make Compliance’s DaaS 2.0 the most comprehensive eDiscovery Managed Services solution on the market today,” said Marc Zamsky, Compliance’s COO. 

In January, Compliance released DaaS 2.0.  The recent augmentations allow Compliance to provide clients access to a full array of data points, in graphical formats, which provide insight into infrastructure, storage, utilization, and custom metrics. In April, the team announced PayGo pricing.  This Pay-as-you-Go pricing model provides clients with a virtual private Relativity environment that they control with no contracts, no minimums and no long-term commitments.  Compliance’s platform combines the power of Nuix processing, kCura’s Relativity and Brainspace’s Discovery 5 advanced analytics software.

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