Compliance Launches Two New Innovations to eDiscovery Managed Services Platform

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

New client portal innovations released for DaaS 2.0 further customizing Compliance’s unique offering for law firms and corporate legal departments.


New York, NY, September 26, 2018—Compliance Discovery Solutions (, an integrated eDiscovery services and managed review provider, today announced two new enhancements for Compliance’s Discovery-as-a-Service (DaaS) 2.0 environment, CI Login and CI Archive. 


CI Login is a comprehensive security and authentication platform that provides custom landing pages and an application launch pad giving clients greater flexibility, security and accessibility to the Relativity platform. This new innovation enables clients and administrators to tailor their security settings and customize their environment to accommodate advanced requirements and preferences. It includes features like GeoIP, network restrictions, various 2FA options, user load balancing with TLS1.2 support, advanced user tracking & logging, automated password expiration notifications and self-service user management.


CI Archive is a simplified “point-and-click” approach to creating or restoring Relativity ARM files. With CI Archive, clients simply select whether they want to create or restore an ARM, select the workspace from a dropdown and click “start”. An automated process reducing the number of steps required in Relativity to create and restore ARM files is then commenced, resulting in an archive offloaded into a dedicated near-line, cold-storage file repository, or in the case of an ARM restoration, a new Relativity workspace.


“These two innovations extend an already robust self-service platform allowing clients access to the best eDiscovery applications without all the headaches,” said Ari Perlstein, Chief Technology Officer of Compliance. “CI Login is specially designed to allow us to extend our menu of services quickly to any new platforms our clients might find useful,” added Perlstein.


“Compliance’s dedication to innovation, customization and application integration into the Relativity ecosystem is a major differentiator between us and other service providers who lack such development. Clients demand tools, workflows and applications that enhance their Relativity experience and provide a comprehensive environment offering security, scalability and functionality,” said Marc Zamsky, Compliance’s COO. 


In January, 2017, Compliance released DaaS 2.0. The recent augmentations provide additional innovations allowing Compliance clients access to a full array of tools that further distinguish Compliance’s DaaS platform from any other managed services program or out-of-the-box application on the market today. Compliance’s platform combines the power of Nuix processing, Relativity and Brainspace’s Discovery 6 advanced analytics software, tied together through custom programming and applications to provide a unique eDiscovery experience.


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Compliance Discovery Solutions ( is a state-of-the-art integrated eDiscovery services and managed review provider. Through a combination of cutting edge technology, secure SSAE 16 SOC certified data centers and a national footprint of document review space, Compliance helps AmLaw 100 and Fortune 1000 clients manage critical and complex legal matters. Compliance is a System One ( division.

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